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Library Scavenger Hunt 2015

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Library Scavenger Hunt

Check them off as you complete them.

__________ What is the name of the librarian/s sitting at the Children’s Reference Desk?

__________ Find the graphic novels. Write down the title of one you would like to read.

__________ Locate the First Chapter books. Find the “My Weird School” books by Dan Gutman--hint, they’re in the G’s. Choose one of the titles and write it down.

__________ Go to the Non-Fiction section and find a book on a subject that interests you.

__________ Find the DVDs and choose a movie you’d like to see. Which one did you select?

__________ Can you list five (5) other languages that are found in the Children’s Department?

__________ Find the biography section. List two (2) people you would like to read about.

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