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Superheroes Sing

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Superheroes Sing!

I’m A Superhero(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)


I’m a superhero with my star

I help people near and far

If you have a problem, call on me

I will be there 1, 2, 3!


Mask, Cape, Belt, & Boots(Tune: Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes)

Mask, cape, belt and boots, belt and boots

Mask, cape, belt and boots, belt and boots

I am ready to save the world!

Mask, cape, belt and boots, belt and boots

10 Little Heroes

1 little, 2 little, 3 little heroes

4 little, 5 little, 6 little heroes

7 little, 8 little, 9 little heroes

10 little heroes ready to fly!

10 little, 9 little, 8 little heroes

7 little, 6 little, 5 little heroes

4 little, 3 little, 2 little heroes

1 little hero ready to fly!

S-U-P-E-R!(Tune: B-I-N-G-O)

There was a hero who saved the day

And Super was his name-o

S-U-P-E-R, S-U-P-E-R, S-U-P-E-R,

And Super was his name-o!

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