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  • Seth Godin:  American Way Magazine calls him, "America's Greatest Marketer," and his blog is perhaps the most popular in the world written by a single individual.  He is also the creator of Squidoo, which allows anyone to build websites about things they care about.
  • It Girl Consulting:  It Girl Consulting combines strategy and experience with online communication and content. The results are innovative, vibrant online communities where people with common interests make connections through libraries.
  • Communicating 3.0 for Nonprofits: Succeeding in Your Messaging and in Maximizing Methods:  Successfully navigating Web 2.0 and effectively using press releases to communicate with new and converging audiences can sometimes be difficult, but by adhering to the rules of knowing your story, your audience, your pitch, your tools, your opportunities, and more, it's entirely manageable and incredibly results producing. (And it sure is fun!)
  • Five Ways to Use Social Media to Reach People Who Don’t Use Social Media:  In this post we discuss five strategies for using social media to reach people who don't use social media, and we've listed specific tools you can use to do it.
  • Commoncraft:  “Our videos may surprise you. They're short and simple. They use paper cut-outs. They cover subjects "in Plain English." But lurking under the simple surface are lessons that have been crafted with great care. Despite our fun and lighthearted style, we take explanation seriously.”
  • Have You Found Us Yet?: Tame the web reiterates the importance of not making assumptions when reaching out to one’s users.
  • Seth Godin @ Gel 2006: An interesting lecture about why certain poorly designed things are broken.


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