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Fancy Nancy Party Ideas

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Fancy Nancy Party compilation



  • Everyone should dress in their fanciest clothes

  • We handed out foam tiaras from Oriental Trading

  • Decorated the room really pretty with tablecloths and got matching plates and cups

  • set up a buffet with the tea snacks

  • Set up a photo station and either email or print photos to families, provide extra accessories at station so kids can get extra fancy

  • Buy old costume jewelry, old tea pots and cups and saucers at yard sales

  • Decorate the room with fancy boas, tulle, and colorful streamers as well as giant print outs of the characters in the books.

  • Make a book display of Fancy Nancy Read-a-likes.

  • Set out full length mirrors, feather boas, fancy hats, jewelry, scarves etc. and let the kids

  • gussy up even more

  • Place fancy vases on the table and let the children fill them with paper flowers.

  • Have little jewelry boxes filled with fancy words to give away



  • Provide fancy cake and punch

  • Decorate sugar cookies with frosting, sprinkles, etc.

  • Grapes, Gogurt and sparkling pink lemonade served in fancy plastic wine glasses (bejewel beforehand if you see fit)

  • Serve fancy sandwiches

  • Provide fruit kebobs

  • Serve parfaits with lots of fun toppings



  • "Charm School"- Where well behaved children go to curtsy and hold their little fingers out while drinking from a cup. 

  • Read Fancy Nancy books

  • "Pin the jewel on the tiara,"

  • Craft stations=self-stick "gems" to put on tiaras, make tissue paper flowers, make princess necklaces

  • Ballet class

  • Fashion show for kids to show off their fine outfits-play music and have MC describe their outfits as they walk the runway (roll of red wrapping paper makes a fine red carpet too).

  • Make your own tutus-use tulle from the wedding aisle

  • Die cut tiaras, glue on sequins and glitter galore, can also print out tiaras from here: http://www.firstpalette.com/tool_box/printables/princesscrown.html

  • Have a good posture race where kids balance a book on their heads.

  • Felt pocketbook idea from Martha Stewart.

  • Decorate wooden picture frames with jewels & sparkly foam stickers

  • Decorate cupcakes 

  • Decorate wands

  • Make paper wrist corsages, like the one demonstrated in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U8wo79zhOQ

  • Make folded paper fans out of construction paper, but glue doilies in the middle of the paper before you fold it up.

  • Dance to Raffi's Tete Epaules and other fancy French music.

  • Print out giant pictures of French words and do a basic French lesson.

  • Teach the kids how to gracefully glide across the room, how to fancy wave, how to curtsey, and how to bow

  • Gracefully walk around the library visiting each desk and shouting "Bonjour" and "Merci" to staff members.

  • Ask staff to contribute fancy clothes for a dress up station.   

  • Print out Fancy Nancy stickers, activity sheets, and paper doll templates at Harper Collins

  • Make fancy rings out of pipe cleaners and crowns (with ribbon and star garland like you get at fairs).

  • There are cute wooden "purse" boxes at Michaels craft store that kids can paint and bejewel.

  • Make fancy name tags-preprint names and let them go crazy decorating them.

  • You could do a fancy vocabulary contest or matching game Use words from the books and you will be surprised how many they know

  • Set up a "manicure" station (I used something called Piggy Paint, a non-toxic nail polish); temporary tattoo station; and a “parfum” station where kids get spritzed with glitter body spray.

  • Raffle off fancy door prizes

  • Let the kids help dress the librarian up

  • Read the Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly let kids make butterfly wings to hang on their wall or you trace the shape of the wings on posterboard or large sheets of cardstock.  The kids then cut them out and decorate them as they wish (they loved using stick on jewels for this).  Where the wings join at the center, punch two holes at the top two at the bottom.  Then thread pretty ribbons through the holes so the kids can wear the wings like a backpack. 

  • Fancy Bingo w/ French words

  • Go online and get some simple etiquette questions for them to answer, then I use tea words like cup, kettle, hot, etc. to use for hangman.

  • Have a bring your doll party. The girls brought along a favorite doll and made matching necklaces for themselves and their dolls, decorated a magnetic foam picture frame for pictures of the two to go in

  • Make a life-sized Fancy Nancy with a hole cut out where her face should be so the

  • kids could have their pictures taken as Nancy

  • Decorated foam door hangers and sunglasses (available at Hobby Lobby/Oriental Trading) with sticky jewels and glitter glue.

  • Have a Fancy Nancy & Pirates Dance Party

  • "Fancy Footrace" - divide the kids into teams, and have them put on a feather boa, costume jewelry, sunglasses, etc. with the fancy garb on, they have to walk the length of the room and back with a book balanced on their head.

  • Put over 5' of contact paper (sticky side out) on the wall and the kids attached (color photocopies of) Fancy Nancy  paper dolls and decorated them with clothes, shoes, etc. from the paper doll set.  

  • Give an etiquette lesson, complete with napkins on the lap, white gloves, & handkerchiefs, among other things.

  • Have a "pin the tail on the posh puppy" w/ a feather boa as the tail. 

  • Invite a local artist to do a variety of crafts with the kids, including key chains, paper flowers,

  • a bracelet made of twisted chenille sticks and fancy buttons, and more. 

  • Read a version of the princess and the pea where everyone made sound effects for certain words (like 'oh-la-la' for princess and 'ick' for pea). Every time they heard those words in the story they added the sound effect.

  • Dance with scarves to Disney’s Bippidi Boppidi Boo

  • Make butterfly placemats, decorate with foam designs

  • Dress one staff member up in very fancy clothing so they look like Mrs. Devine. Give them a small fake posh puppy, and then let the kids come in and talk with Mrs. Devine and get their picture taken with her.

  • Show them a simple waltz step and let them dance and prance around the room to music.


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