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One Book Every Young Child

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One Book Every Young Child 2014

(last updated 12/06/2013)

Stripes of All Types by Susan Stockdale


Please read the instructions carefully to ensure that you get what you need! 


Books are available as follows:

  • Hardbacks ($4.25 ea.)
  • Paperbacks - bilingual ($2.50 ea.)
  • Big Books - bilingual ($6.25 ea.)


There are two options for ordering:


1. Order on your own. Download this form. You will need to meet minimum order requirements, submit form and payment, etc. on your own.


2. Order through ACLA. Add your name to the request table below by JANUARY 2, 2014 

  • Do NOT send payment at this time. This is NOT the final guaranteed order.
  • A final order, for your review and approval, will be sent to you after Jan. 1.


ACLA Coordinated PRELIMINARY Order/Book Requests:

*ACLA reserves to right to make available more or less books to each library before the final order is available for library approval. This is due to the nature of order quantities and possible "excessive" surplus.


Library Name
Contact Person
# of HARDBACKS ($4.25 ea.)
# of PAPERBACKS ($2.50 ea.) # of BIG BOOKS (6.25 ea.)
Emily Bryan-Reeder
McKeesport  Jill Morse  45 
Pleasant Hills  Dani Danylo 
Whitehall  Denise Ignasky 
Plum  Liz Kostandinu  10  150 
Bridgeville  Karen Verduci  50 
Green Tree  Shannon McNeill  50 
Shaler North Hills Ingrid Kalchthaler
Western Allegheny  Amanda Kirby  25 
South Fayette Twp. Library  Jody Wilson  170 
Northland Jeanne Bondi 0 10 1
Monroeville Lou Anne Sokolowski 3 10 0
Brentwood Connie Jellison 0 20 0
Jefferson Hills Ann Zettl 0 0 1
Northern Tier  Janina Kvedaras  30 
Springdale  Janet Tyree  10 
Crafton  Carolyn Rosenquest  0
CC Mellor Sally Bogie 0 20 0
CLAV Judy Errico 0 25 0



Previous years' trunks are available and can be requested through the catalog.


The trunk schedule is now locked. The trunk is currently being cataloged. Stay tuned!

  • You can book the trunk for up to TWO DAYS
  • Each library is responsible for picking up the trunk up at its previous location.  You'll be responsible for making arrangements with that librarian for a date and time for pickup. 
  • If you need to cancel, you are responsible for letting the library who follows you know. 
  • You will also be asked to fill out a survey about your use of the trunk.  I'll email a link to participating libraries once the trunks are done being circulated.  
Dates Trunk is Needed  Library and Contact Person  Phone Number  Email  Additional Details 
April 1-2 Amanda Kirby (Western Allegheny) 724-695-8150 kirbya@einetwork.net My event is April 2 at 2:00
April 3-4  Megan Goode-Moon  412-269-0334 


Events April 3 @ 6:30 PM & April 4th @ 10:30 AM 
April 9-10  Carolyn Rosenquest - Robinson  412-787-3906  rosenquestc@einetwork.net  Several events both days, time not determined yet 
April 11-12
Carolyn Rosenquest - Crafton  412-922-6877 rosenquestc@einetwork.net  Morning events, 9:15 and 10:15 
April 16-17
Janina Kvedaras (Northern Tier)
412-956-7252  kvedarasj@einetwork.net  I have events both days 10:30 AM  
April 22-23 Lori Ridenour (Hampton) 412-684-1098  ridenourl@eintwork.net  Events both days at 1030 and 1:30 
April 28-29
Denise Ignasky (Whitehall) 412-882-6622  ignaskyd@einetwork.net  My event is on April 28th at 7:00 pm. 
May 6-7
Ingrid Kalchthaler (Shaler)  412-486-0211  kalchthaleri@einetwork.net  My event is on May 6 at 6:30 pm 
May 7-8  Dolores Colarosa - Baldwin  412-885-2255  colarosad@einetwork.net  Events are scheduled for May 7 and 8 
May 20-23 Suzanna Krispli- Hampton 412-684-1098 krisplis@einetwork.net Events all week




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