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Shoe Storytime Ideas

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Shoe Program Ideas (storytime)


Shoe Books

  • Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin
  • Ooh La La Polka Dot Boots by Ellen Olson Brown
  • Whose Shoes by Anna Grossnickle Hines
  • Shoe Bop! by Marilyn Singer
  • New socks by Bob Shea 
  • Shoe Baby by Polly Dunbar 
  • Which Shoes Would You Choose? by Betsy Rosenthal 
  • Shoes, Shoes, Shoes by Ann Morris
  • Benjamin Bigfoot by Mary Serfozo
  • I Went Walking by Sue Williams  
  • Sam's Sneaker Search by Claire O'Brien
  • New Shoes, Red Shoes by Susan Rollings
  • The Foot Book
  • Righty and Lefty: A Tale of Two Feet by Rachel Vail
  • One Shoe Bear
  • Look at chapter 7 of Jan Irving's Glad Rags: Stories and Activities Featuring Clothes for Children. "Sneakers, Socks, and Happy Feet". 


Shoe Songs

  • Laurie Berkner's song Boots on her Victor Vito CD
  • Sara Hickman's song Boots (different song) on her album Toddler.  
  • 1, 2, Buckle My Shoe
  • Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis 
  • Walkin' Shoes on Tiny Tunes CD, Carole Peterson 
  • Shiny New Shoes by Susan Salidar 
  • Put On My Dancing Shoes on I Love to Hear the Sounds CD 


Shoe Rhymes


Shoe Activities

  • Play a 'shoe toss' where kids toss bean bags or ping pong balls into shoes for prizes
  • I have used this rhyme with 2 and 3 year olds (parents usually have to come up with the 2's).  Use your eyes, use your eyes.  You can look and see.  If you have on (color) shoes come and stand by me.  Then, since we are all standing together, we get into a circle and hold hands and sing Ring Around the Rosie.  
  • Create a flannelboard set with all different kinds of shoes, and then adapt a book like Which Shoes Would You Choose? by Betsy R. Rosenthal and ask questions about the type of shoes they would want to wear for different things.  Show them boots and ask if they would use them in the swimming pool (No!!)  Share flippers or something else fun. Silly but also a good way to learn vocabulary!  
  • Make boot pictures to hold up each time we change boots.  Don’t forget to really stomp your foot when spelling BOOTS!!   


Shoe Resources

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