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2_26_18 QYSM Agenda

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Youth Services Quarterly Meeting

Monday, February 269:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Bridgeville Public Library



Part One – Announcements (20 minutes)

  • Preschool Grab Bags – Please make sure you have at least three preschool grab bags and that these bags are cataloged. The purpose of the grant is for resources to circulate countywide. The bags are great to share with parents and preschools during outreach.

  • One Book, Every Young Child – Each library should have all of the OBEYC materials at this time. Let me know if you need extra parent or activity guides.

  • Free Items – A variety of materials were available for participants to take.

  • Summer Learning – Let me know if you have any questions regarding the state changes and summer learning.

  • Book from United Way – The United Way has books available for libraries to use in programs about families. These are interactive books. Let me know if you would like some books to use in a program.

  • Children’s Choice Awards – David Lubar is the keynote author.

  • Picture Book Children’s Choice – Making some updates for next year that libraries will hear about in the next few weeks.


Part Two – Soldiers and Sailors (15 minutes) – Soldiers and Sailors received grant funding to provide a footlocker outreach program to libraries. The locker can be era specific (i.e. Civil War) and showcases a day in the life of a soldier. The program is interactive with the various artifacts and is good not just for children but adults and seniors, as well as community programs. The footlocker helps to stress that a soldier’s life is much more than fighting. Trunks are available for modern times, Korea, Vietnam, WWII and the Civil War. See the scanned document in the quarterly meeting folder for more information.


Part Three – Best Practices Committees Discussion (20 minutes)

  • Battle of the Books

  • Storytime

  • English as a Second Language

  • Homeschool

Send any suggestions you have regarding best practices on any of the above topics to me. There are small groups formed to start discussing best practices for battle of the books and storytime and will be for homeschool.


Part Four – Cruise Into Kindergarten (20 minutes)

  • Brochures

  • Activity Cards

  • Sets of Books

  • Kindergarten Registration Events

Brochures and activity cards for Cruise into Kindergarten are available. If you would like some, please let me know. Let me know also if you have any questions regarding kindergarten registration in your district.


Part Five – New Kits (5 minutes)

Make sure to check out all of the kits listed on the wiki. There are a number of new kits for early literacy.


Part Six – Sign Language Tutorial (60 minutes)


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