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MaKeyMaKey Kit

Page history last edited by Erin Tobiasz 3 years, 11 months ago

Helpful Links for working with the MaKey MaKey Kit:


QuickStart Guide from SparkFun: You will need to download and install the software for the MaKey MaKey to work with your computer. Instructions are on this site. You may need to contact EINetwork to complete installation, so make sure you give yourself time before your program!


Included in this kit:

  • 1 MaKey MaKey Board

  • 30 jumper wires

  • 14 alligator clip wires

  • 1 USB cable

  • Copper tape

  • Instructions


Not Included in this kit:

  • A computer with SparkFun software installed (see above) 
  • Conductive materials, such as:
    • coins
    • play dough
    • fruits or vegetables
    • people
    • pencil graphite
  • Insulators, such as:
    • plastic
    • wood
    • glass
    • ceramic 


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